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****** We have gone back to our regular fabric Pricing as of 06/29/2022. We have worked out a deal with a distributor to get our pricing back to original cost. Thank You Rogue Wholesale ******

Atomic Ranch Fabric's come in 1/4 Yard, 1/2 Yards and 1 Yards. Specialty cut need to be phone into Rogue Wholesale's office. 785-833-6085.

Atomic Ranch Fabric only uses Zweigart Fabric in their designs. Current Production Time is at 4 to 6 weeks
. Rogue Stitching will update the production time at the beginning of each month. Production time will fluctuate with current supply chain sources.
Drop shipping is available for any order.
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Atomic Ranch Fabric - Aslan with his " Golden Mane" is the heart of a beloved child's book series The Chronicle of Narnia Atomic Ranch Fabric - Antique White is a white with a hint of a dirty gray. Remember aged country picked fences. "Dirty White Is Here" Atomic Ranch Fabric Aquamarine blue
Atomic Ranch Fabric - Artemis is a purple and red overdye that inspire the magic and mystic legend of ancient gods. Atomic Ranch Fabric - Aslan with his " Golden Mane" is the heart of a beloved child's book series The Chronicle of Narnia Atomic Ranch Fabrics Spring 4-PACK
Summer 2023 4-Pack With Bonus Fabric!!! Atomic Ranch Fabric Azul Atomic Ranch Fabric  -Bayou is a wonderful blend of murky greens, brown, gold and general muck.  Think of the legend Swamp thing think of the forbidden part of Louisiana.
Atomic Ranch - Light-medium Turquoise Caribbean blend Atomic Ranch Fabric- Blueridge - a nice blue green inspirited by section of the Appalachian Mountains Atomic Ranch Fabric Blush
Atomic Ranch Fabric Bubblegum Atomic Ranch Fabrics -Caribbean Sea- a reflective cool Green blue logon waters with deep modling. Atomic Ranch Fabric- Christmas Night - Dark Blue with Grey Background Tones
Clouds Atomic Ranch Fabric's -Cobblestone- a Grey base with mottle brown with a whisper of pink. Atomic Ranch Fabric's -Copper Penny - I wonder midrange copper brown fabric with great mottling.
Atomic Ranch Fabric Dream-sicle Atomic Ranch Fabric- Dune - light sandy brown with hints of Blue and Pinks Atomic Ranch Fabric's -Embellish- Great mottle blend of Light Brown, Grey and random Peach.
Atomic Ranch Fabric  Esmeralda  - Dark Blue with Green Background tones Atomic Ranch Fabric Eucalyptus Atomic Ranch Fabric Fawkes
Atomic Ranch Fabrics -Friez- a whirlwind of Green, grey, pink and light brown Atomic Ranch Fabric Fuscia Atomic Ranch Fabric Glacier
Atomic Ranch Fabric-Granny Smith is name after one of America beloved apple.  The bright green is not only a favorite for Holiday/Halloween patterns, it also is staple color for fantasy patterns. Atomic Ranch Fabrics Haze - Grey (mid-tone) on light Grey mottling Atomic Ranch Fabric Into The Woods